Macedonia Baptist Church Ministries

 Macedonia Baptist Church has active ministries at the church.The purpose of the ministries is to support the mission of the church and the vision of our Pastor. 
                         "Reaching In"

.Deaconess Ministry
.Drama Ministry
.Drill Team 
.Men's Fellowship Ministry
.Music Ministry
.Parking Lot Ministry
.Praise Dance Ministry
.Sunday School
.Usher Ministry
.Women Fellowship Ministry
.Youth Ministry

                         "Reaching Out"

.Angel Tree Ministry
.Bus Ministry
.Clothes for Kids/Health Fair Ministry
.Food Pantry Ministry
.Jail and Prison Ministry
.Media Ministry
.Nursing Home Ministry
.Senior Citizen Care Ministry

Descriptions of the ministries are listed below:

Deaconess Ministry

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of the Macedonia Baptist Church, under the spiritual guidance of the Pastor by promoting the spiritual growth of the church.

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to care for and assist the needs of the overall congregation.  Wherever there are sick and shut-in members as well as members in need of prayer, the Deaconess Ministry will be there to help.  They are responsible for the preparation and setting up Holy Communion each month. The Deaconess should instruct all female baptismal candidates as to what they are suppose to wear. The ministry also handles sensitive issues for the pastor as relating to female members of the church.

Deaconess should possess the following qualities:

     ..She must be a follower of Christ also Christ-like, so that her life will be outstanding and praised by all whom she comes in contact with.

     ..She should be a serious minded person, well balanced and one who knows the value of spiritual things, she should be grave, not slanderers, temperate and faithful in all things.

     ..She must be familiar with all the church laws and the doctrines of the church.  She should also know the policies and practices of the church so that all of the officers can work in peace and harmony.

     ..She should support the Pastor and the vision of the ministry.

Ministry Leader :

Drama Ministry

The mission of the Drama Ministry is to evangelize to the lost and edify the Body of Christ through skits, dramatic productions, and videos.

Ministry Leader :

Drill Team Ministry

The mission of the Drill Team Ministry is to creates and performs exciting verbal and physical rhythmic exercises, which are influenced by the call and response military cadence. Using Biblical themes and Scriptural references, this ministry promotes the spiritual growth of young cadets through physical and spiritual discipline. The ministry fosters an individual understanding of the Holy Scriptures, encourages academic excellence, develops leadership skills, increases self-esteem and ministers the Gospel inside and outside the walls of the church. The Macedonia Baptist Church  Drill Team is geared toward youngsters grades K - 12. 

Ministry Leader : 

Men's Fellowship Ministry

The mission of the Men's Fellowship Ministry is to enrich the lives of men, support the mission of the church and vision of the Pastor. In doing so, men are taught that life under Jesus' Lordship involves:

--progressive learning,
--growth in Christ-likeness,
--application of Bibical truth to every area of life,
--responsibility for sharing the Christian faith,
--responsible church membership,
--redemptive ministry

The strength is in the men who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, are committed to seeing the Kingdom of God established here on Earth and desire to provide a haven for the people of God to worship and praise.

Ministry Leader : 

Music Ministry

God created music to glorify HIMSELF and reflect not only HIS elegance and HIS majesty, but also HIS heart.  The mission of the music ministry is to point people to the living Word of God, Jesus Christ; to express the words of God found in the Bible; and to support the preaching and confessing of God's Word (in sermon and creed). Music in our services, whether sung by all or by a choir, whether sung or instrumental, is designed to direct to God the attention of all who participate and hear.

Choirs at Macedonia Baptist Church are:
            MBC Mass Choir

Ministry Leader: 
Music Directors:  Sis. Thelma Wallace and Sis Barbara Gossett

Parking Lot Ministry

The mission of the Parking Lot Ministry is to provide a safe and orderly flow of motorized traffic out of the parking lot after services.

Ministry Leaders:  

Praise Dance Ministry

The mission of the Praise Dance Ministry is to prepare the way for the WORD to be preached. Dancers, singers, and musician’s war against principalities of darkness that is on assignment to the church, pastor, leaders, and the people in the congregation to hinder God’s program.

Ministry Leader: 

Sunday School Ministry

The mission of the Sunday School Ministry is to provide the fundamental basics of Christianity to our children, youth, adult members and visitors.  We will use the explanation of the Word of God as it applies to our everyday lives through hands-on and interactive teaching.  Sunday School meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.  There are eight classes. Classes are offered for all ages including a book study class.

Matthew 26:18-20 - "Therefore go and make disciples in all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teach new disciples to obey the commands I have given you."

The Sunday school operates under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the Pastor.  We are a Bible teaching ministry where children and adults are taught the Word of God to impact changes in their lives.

Ministry Leader:  

Ushers Ministry

The mission of the Ushers Ministry is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to our visitors and friends.  The ushers also help others feel comfortable by there promptness, courtesy and stewardship.

Colossians 3:23-24
"And whatever ye do, do it heartily, as to the LORD and not unto men"

Ministry Leader: 

Women Fellowship Ministry

The vision for the Women’s Ministry is to encourage and to promote the spiritual development of the women of Macedonia Baptist Church through active fellowship and spirit-filled Bible Study.

The purpose of Women’s Ministry is to:

1. Lead women to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
2. Involve women in the worship experience within the church and individual families
3. Foster loving relationships within the church and individual families
4. Develop a spiritually healthy prayer life and Bible study habits
5. Provide opportunities for ministry to our community and our world.
6. Minister to the needs of the women of the church.

Ministry Leader: 

Youth Ministry

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." 

 Proverbs 22:6
The mission of youth department is to teach the word of God by providing education and training in the Christian faith. The development of Christian principals will lay a strong foundation for living a victorious life.

The purpose of the Youth Ministry is threefold:

1. To teach the word of God through demonstrations, Bible Scriptures, activities, storytelling, object lessons and music.

2. To enhance and promote Christian growth needed change and impact lives.

3. To make sure our children/youth are discovering the will of God and learning how to honor Him in their daily walk. 

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Angel Tree Ministry

The mission of the Angel Tree Ministry is to support the Macedonia Baptist Church families that are not able to supply gifts and needs to their children during the Christmas holiday season.  The church also partners with the Brownsboro School District to adopt students from their Angel Tree.

Ministry Leader: 

Bus/Transportation Ministry

The mission of the bus ministry is to provide transportation to members of Macedonia Baptist Church.  They consider it a privilege and an honor to provide this service to the Body of Christ.


Clothes for Kids/Health Fair Ministry

The mission of the Clothes for Kids/Health Fair Ministry is to support Macedonia Baptist Church families that are encountering difficult times by supplying needed clothing for the children of those families.  This ministry is also responsible for organizing the annual health fair to improve the quality of life and health of the members of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Ministry Leader:  

Food Pantry 

The mission of the Food Pantry Ministry is to meet the physical needs of our members and others in the community.

Ministry Leader:

Jail and Prison Ministry

The mission of the Jail and Prison Ministry is committed to evangelizing men and women of the community and correctional institution in order to lead them to into a relationship with Christ while teaching them to adapt to new roles, responsibility to God to family and to the community.

Ministry Leader: 

Media Ministry

The mission of the Audio/Video Tape ministry is to be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit to provide audio and video support to the Pastor, church and all ministries in order to enhance and edify the worship of God. We are spreading the “Good News”, reaching outside the church walls.

The purpose of our media ministry here at Macedonia is to bring worship services into homes not only in the Chandler area but also around the world. Our endeavor is to enrich the lives of believers who cannot attend worship services and to reach the unchurched with preaching, teaching and singing by way of audio and CD's.

The Media Ministry is responsible for the recording and distribution of tape messages for all services as directed by the Pastor. They make sure all the equipment is in working order and all supplies are available for a successful running ministry.

Tape Ministry – The Word can be taken into various homes and shared with people from all walks of life.

Ministry Leaders:

Nursing Home Ministry

The mission of this ministry is on the encouragement of persons who are living in nursing homes. Through the efforts of various volunteers, worship services are conducted for these individuals. The ministry meets at Chandler Nursing Home on Tuesday after the 3rd Sunday of each month at 3:30 p.m.


Senior Citizen Care

The mission of the Senior Citizen Care is to make sure that the needs of our Golden Warriors in the church and in the community are met.

Ministry Leader: